Commander Shepard. He has no idea what he’s getting into. But to his credit, he’s recruiting an impressive team. Assassins, scientists, biotics… he’s scouring the galaxy for the best. (x)


"Badassfully, are you sleeping with my sister?"
"Slumber would be difficult due to the energetic nature of our copulation."

In 2157, humanity discovered it was not alone in the universe. Thirty years later, they found a peaceful place among dozens of galactic species. But this idyllic future is overshadowed by a dark past: Reapers, a sentient race of machines responsible for cleansing the galaxy of all organic life every 50,000 years, are about to return. The leaders of the galaxy are paralyzed by indecision, unable to accept the legend of the Reapers as fact. But one soldier has seen the legend come to life. And now, the fate of the galaxy depends on them.

Happy Birthday, Commander Shepard! April 11th, 2154 


The Mass Effect Cosplay Initiative (Set 2/?) (1)

Luciano Costa, Kaidan’s face model

Kimberly Brooks, Ashley’s voice actor

Rana McAnear, Samara / Morinth face model

Keythe Farley, Thane’s voice actor

Jacob’s just a guy. A well trained guy who’s done some impressive things… but nothing compared to everyone else. He’s in the top .1% of humanity, I’m sure… but everyone else is something like .0000001% in their species. As such, he must feel like a complete dolt. It was easy for me to feel a little sorry for him, and be aware of what it must take to walk in this company. I suspect if they made this explicit, it may have been enough to actually endear him to more people – “I’m not as good as everyone else, but I’ve got to try” is a character motivation which resonates with most people, because that’s how most humans tend to view themselves. But they didn’t do it, and these thoughts totally didn’t stop me dumping his sorry ass when I realised I could sex a choice of not one, but two lizards. Truly, Mass Effect 2 is the game heptophiles were waiting for.
Talking Mass Effect 2 with McK and Sebastian Girner on twitter makes me dig out a screenshot, which I discover is the top Image hit for “SEX LIZARD MASS EFFECT 2.” If I achieved anything in my games journo career, that was it. It also makes me re-look at the article it’s attached to, which makes me smile. I know some of you are Mass Effect heads, so you may like to have a nose at the whole thing. Also some odd flashes of my writers brain in action in the analysis, in an oft disturbing way. And not just about the heptophilia.


what i look for in a boy

  • smart
  • socially awkward
  • military-trained
  • officer
  • facial scars
  • nice fringe
  • supportive waist
  • alien
  • garrus vakarian
  • im talking about garrus vakarian
however "insignificant"" we might be, we will fight,
we will sacrifice and we will find a way. that’s what humans do.


Several Quarians enlist in Starfleet for their pilgrimage, and many end up on the Enterprise. They become so attached to the ship that even when they present their gift to the flotilla, they return and adopt it as their name. Kirk is flattered at first, but it becomes a problem when there are like, eight different people going by “Vas Enterprise.”

"You need the best at your side, and I am not at mine."
garrus + color porn





merry valentines i hope ur smoother than aliens

these aliens just get lesser and lesser suave 

Don’t forget Mordin’s “Your lower eyelids did a thing, but I’m not interested in you or the army of people trying to bang me” or Morinth’s “You’ll totally survive the brain hemorrhage I’m about to give you.”

Actually because Photosets only allow 10 pictures I couldn’t be bothered to upload some and left out a few, seeing as I didn’t think it’d get any notes.

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It got way better



Favourite Mass Effect 3 Characters
Steve Cortez

What’s the point of moving on with your life when everything is going to hell? To be honest, I’ve never felt as alone as I do right now. But don’t worry, Commander. When I’m in that pilot seat, I’m there 100%. I won’t fail you.