Overthinking Glee, 2x11: Mash of the Titans

Welcome, thrilling tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee!  And we’re back after a pretty dismal halftime show.  Michael Phelps had a wardrobe malfunction, which unfortunately just means that he put more clothes on.

Divisive opinions regarding Glee episodes is nothing new, though perhaps it’s a bit surprising that “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” splits reactions so severely, considering that it’s actually a pretty straight-forward, amiable episode that…well, doesn’t really have all that much in it for anyone to be angry about.  The plot reminds me a lot of something that might air on the Disney Channel, especially when we got to the part where the girls jumped in to sub for the guys on the team.  The McKinley Titans winning the game by way of theatricality was also pretty reminiscent of “Preggers” from season 1.

This episode could be considered a parallel to Preggers, though it might be more accurate to call it a distant relative that doesn’t really call but just sends E-cards during holidays.  E-cards that look a little like this:

Gif credit goes to…I have no fucking idea, really.

Let’s huddle!  In this entry:

  • Shannon Beiste is better than you.  Let me explain why.
  • The sociopolitical functions of grown-ass men playing grab-ass in the grass.  Also, football.
  • Finn is a Rick Riordan character.
  • Should Glee preach or not?  Depends on the preacher.
  • Will does something right! wtf
  • Dave Karofsky is the biggest goddamn baby.  Let me explain why.
  • But at least he’s not a psychopath.  Really.
  • Redeeming the football team: A lot to ask for.  A lot to gain as well?  You decide.

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Overthinking Glee, 2x10: Out of the mouths of babes

Welcome, delicious tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee!  I’d been hoping that you’d drop in, ‘cause it’s, ah…it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Too long, really.  So let’s not waste any time and just jump to it!

Today’s episode is “A Very Glee Christmas,” and, well…let me preface: I liked the episode.


Yeah I know, very ominous.  Every time I say I like something, you know there’s a butt coming.

No but seriously, I thought it was heartwarming, I giggled through a lot of it, there’s a ton of shit here to like, including visual and dramatic moments that just hit it out of the park. (BICOBICOBICOBICOBICOBICO)  But deep down in my pants I am also a stodgy old coot, and I just have to be ornery about the fact that this is, objectively-speaking, a pretty jarring episode that struggles to find balance.  So we’ll take a gander at that, and at some other connotations of this episode.

In this entry:

  • Quibbling over Glee’s target audience.
  • Brittany.
  • Brittany.
  • Brittany.  Examining her intelligence, her sexualness, what it suggests, what it forces us to reconsider, and whether it led to better or worse for her stories.
  • The colorgasm that is BICO, and scrutinizing Blaine’s cluelessness/relationship with love.

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So over the last couple of weeks I’ve received a bunch of pretty good Glee questions about lots of interesting topics.  For posterity’s sake, I’ve tagged them all “Overthinking” and added a link on the side of my blog for any querents who missed my answers in midst of the vast sea of gifs I reblog (x_x), as well as who’s interested in any sort of topic I don’t get around to covering in my reviews.

Thanks to anyone who’s asked me things!  Feel free to continue doing so!

Overthinking Glee, 2x09: Angels and Demons

Welcome, jaw-dropping tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, the Glee reviews that help to steal soda machines…for a price.

Today’s episode is called “Special Education,” which doesn’t really make any sense now that I think about it.  What’s so special?  Who was educated?  Hell if I know.


Because this is The Sectionals Episode, it probably gets compared a lot to season 1’s sectionals, which is too bad because it really doesn’t stand up to all that emotion and narrative cohesion we experienced last season; the plot here was a bit muddy, there’s some stuff that doesn’t make much sense, and some of the conflicts felt really manufactured and thus not very enjoyable.  Which, again, is really too bad, because there’s also a lot of interesting and likeable things in this episode as well.  That’s the thing about season 2, isn’t it?  It giveth, and it taketh away.

So let’s give, and let’s take.  In this entry:

  • In defense of the extended Dalton vacation
  • Lawful Good vs. Chaotic Neutral
  • Don’t try so hard?  This plot should’ve tried harder.
  • Conformity vs individuality, security vs freedom
  • Who knows where that comb has been?  It was probably laced with penicillin.  Which explains the “magic.”
  • The nadir of Rachel Berry.
  • How to Succeed at Sectionals Without Really Trying

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Overthinking Glee, 2x08: Look at these lives. Look at these choices.

Welcome, swaying tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where overplaying Bruno Mars isn’t the crime, just the punishment.

This episode, “Furt,” ties with “Prom Queen” and “The First Time” for being my three co-favorite episodes of Glee.  It’s not the most perfect episode, nor the funniest, nor the most dramatic, nor the one with the best performances…and, okay, it’s got that whole Sue’s wedding subplot during which I completely zone out.

But still! “Furt” is pretty much the episode that made me realize that I was completely and irrevocably addicted to this show and every single one of its characters in all their myriad, confounding, charming, colorful facets.  It’s true that I loved the show before this but, honestly, I love a lot of shows and get into a lot of fandoms really easily and then — especially with comedy programs — at some point I just fall out of it.

But I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of Glee.  Not if it continues to give me stuff as engaging as Kurt’s storyline here and all the twists and turns in his plot.  Not if it continues to give me stuff that’s as fitting and perfect as the Hummel-Hudson wedding.

Now enough words; it’s time for *~WORDS~*!  In this entry:

  • More fun with wacky old Karofsky.
  • Noble and not-so-noble readings of Kurt’s silence.
  • Rachel and her stylist are proactive.
  • Finn and his gorram issues.
  • But he tries to make up for them.  Y’know, after everyone in the whole world tells him to.
  • Kurt and Finn: The Final Chapter.

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Overthinking Glee, 2x07: Remember that I’m not a real doctor, just Asian enough to fool people

Welcome, glorious tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where singing in the rain just feels like too much effort for too little gain.

Today’s episode is “The Substitute,” but today’s analysis is going to a bit lopsided (more than usual, anyway).  About half of it discusses the events of this episode, sure, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s big break and the Ballade ofe Totcedes.  But a massive portion of it is centered on breaking down one single character: Karofsky.  So expect a lot of talk about the events of “Never Been Kissed” as well as the next episode, “Furt.” What can I say?  Mommy never taught me to color within the lines very well.

We’re getting to some of the most heated and controversial aspects of Glee, so expect things to be very heated and controversial from here on out.  If you find yourself liable to be easily-offended by sensitive topics, just remember that you could always choose to look at porn instead!

In this entry:

  • Holly Holiday pulls a Jafar.
  • Kurt gives Mercedes, like, the worst advice ever or something.
  • The joys and pains of Kurt and Blaine.
  • The Karofsky complex
  • Nature, nurture, or nuts?
  • What’s up with that kiss?  And the wink?  And everything else?
  • The allure of Kurtofsky…vs the reality.
  • The delicate dance of sexualized harassment.
  • And by “delicate,” mostly I mean “whatever the opposite of that is.”

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Overthinking Glee, 2x06: Baby, you’re not alone

Welcome, courageous tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where we go all the way tonight and every other night!

And tonight, we finally reach the episode “Never Been Kissed” and…you guys, I need a moment here.  It’s been such a long road to this point and I know many some a couple a few one or two of you guys have been waiting for this for a long time.  Believe me, no one has anticipated this entry more than myself.  Y’know.  For some reason.

So thank you if you’ve been with me this whole way and even if you haven’t!  If you’re new to these reviews, welcome!  If you need to use the bathroom, there’s one to your left!  Probably!

And let’s not waste time and just get to it, ‘cause this ginormous entry sure isn’t getting any shorter!  Under the cut:

  • Revealing a tarnished Will Schuester
  • Critiquing the depiction of bullying at McKinley High
  • A look at Dalton Academy, the much more badass alternative
  • Teenage Dream: traditional and nontraditional in equal measure (but mostly just dapper)
  • I stan Blaine like a motherfucker.  I’ve been waiting to stan Blaine like a motherfucker for months and none of you will stop me MUAHAHAHA
  • Revealing Kurt’s loneliness
  • Looking at Blaine’s self-image.
  • Was confronting Karofsky a good choice?
  • And finally: is it all too good to be true?

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Overthinking Glee, 2x05: Well at least the music is great

Welcome, thrusty tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where time is only as warped as my libido…which is to say, pretty warped.

Sorry to say, but after the good track record of the past two episodes, this one — “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” — is a bit of a clunker.  The entire premise of the hour relies on a character beat from Will that is either completely unrealistic or utterly unlikeable; pick your poison.  Honestly, between this and “Britney/Brittany,” you can see why theme episodes began to get such a bad reputation on this show.  I’d seriously considered skipping this one just like I did the Britney ep, but there actually are some things I feel compelled to touch upon here, so…so let’s get it over with.

Seriously, at least the music is great.

In this entry: Wemma gets flipped on its head, analyzing Sue’s propensity for censorship, and taking a look at some potentially unspoken transphobia.

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Overthinking Glee, 2x04: Battleshipping pt. 2 — Electric Bugaloo

Welcome, stress-tested tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where I seriously want to punch a lot of people a lot of the time.

Not this time, though.  This episode, “Duets,” is another one of Glee’s best.  There are like a billion subplots all going on at once, all of it is interesting and fun, and yet they all somehow manage to interweave cohesively into a greater whole, and the music manages to be superb as well.  This episode is why I don’t think Glee’s large cast is really as big a problem as it’s sometimes made out to be: when they manage it well, it leads to some pretty great stuff.

The fact that everyone is pretty much banging/trying to bang everyone else is notable, as well.

Omigod this entry is fucking long.  Inside: Meet Sam Evans and Sam Evans’ meat, Finn is a hen, Kurt actually learns, Sam’s a champ, Quinn’s impending implosion, self-hating Asians, self-hating Latinas, and Artie’s still insecure: round 4.

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Overthinking Glee, 2x03: No, God is not on any flatbread

Welcome, sacred tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, where the only thing we worship is hot twentysomethings singing rock songs.

To say that this episode “Grilled Cheesus” pulls out all the dramatic stops would be putting it very lightly.  On top of being one of the few episodes of Glee where a character is placed in actual life-threatening danger, it has the distinction of being The Religion Episode, with all the pratfalls and stigma that could come with that.

And I honestly think it’s one of the best episodes that Glee has ever put out.  Hey, I don’t mind spiritual drama and prats and stigmatas or whatever.  Bring ‘em all on.  I eat that heady shit for breakfast.  That being said?  There are some heavy topics in this episode and by no means do I claim to be any sort of expert on religion or faith or spirituality; the only thing that I can do is offer my own opinions on religion and faith and spirituality to the best that I understand them.

In this entry: fair depictions of viewpoints, Kurt’s prejudices, invasive indoctrination, understanding friends, Finn’s questions, and my random ruminations about the meaning of life, free will, and good vs evil.  Uh.  Kind of.

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Overthinking Glee, 2x01: SIGN UP, BRO

So here’s what you missed on Overthinking Glee:

And that’s what you missed on Overthinking Glee.

Welcome, thorny tumblrs!  In case you missed it, Overthinking Glee is a series of reviews that pretty much exist solely to pick apart random things and talk about overly-analytical nonsense in the wonderful little TV show known as Glee.  Some disclaimers for those nubile virgins out there:

  • I like all the characters but I will be very harsh on them anyway.
  • I’ll probably end up talking about things I dislike more than things I like.
  • I give opinions on some fanon ships, but mostly I’ll be blabbing about canon pairings.
  • These entries obviously have spoilers, and not just for the episode in question.
  • No real update schedule.  Oh, how I wish I had one.

For those who have been with me all this time: CONFETTI!  IT’S A PARADE!  WE’RE FINALLY AT SEASON 2 WOOOOOO!  This episode, “Audition,” usually gets good rep as a really fun and strong start to the second season.  Oh, but if only it could have sustained that inertia.  If only.

In this entry: Highlights and lowlights of the season, wasting Sunshine, Rachel on crack, Glee vs women (again), tart Tartie, and Mike comes out.

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Overthinking Glee, 1x22: This is failing…with style!

Welcome, small-town tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, the Glee reviews that never stopped believing…for a price.  The price is chicken nuggets.

We’re finally here at the season 1 finale, “Journey,” which has some pretty big shoes to fill; the last competition episode we had, “Sectionals,” set the bar pretty dang high as far as music, drama, comedy, and plot twists went.  Now, this episode does falter on several points of logic and I’ll be detailing those in further detail below, but for the most part I’d say that it more than met expectations and was a really, really kickass season finale that goes a long way towards showing exactly what this show can be capable of when it really tries…and gets it right.

Be forewarned, y’all; as befitting a season finale review, this entry is HELLA FUCKING LONG, holy shit.  Grab onto your root beers and hang on to your diapers because you’ll probably be here for a while…and I love you all for it.

In this entry: Judging the competition, a final look at babygate and some iffy Puck moments, throwing my hands up at dumb plots, examining Sue’s insecurities, comparing Olivia Newton-John to Nietzsche, and questioning Will Schuester’s status as the glee club mascot.

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Overthinking Glee, 1x21: Don’t worry, Rachel; everyone has those recurring vengeful chicken nightmares

Welcome, vibrating tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, a place where we wholeheartedly endorse vegetarian guilt!

Let’s be honest.  This episode, “Funk,” was…a bit unpolished, to put it kindly.  So much of it was pure filler that has no repercussions on anything whatsoever, and the stuff that did have an impact on our characters was, for the most part, frustrating and incoherent.  It’s like the writers blew their loads a bit too early in the back nine and simply ran out of stuff they wanted to write about, so they just threw a bunch of random events in here to pad time and hoped for the best.  Was this supposed to be intentionally metatextual or something?  The fact that the New Directions were in such a funk that the episode itself felt like it was in a funk?

God, I hope not.  That would be so obnoxious.

In this entry: Deciphering Jesse’s motivations, pontificating on canon, and some cultural nuances of Quinncedes.

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Overthinking Glee, 1x20: “Faggy”

Welcome to Overthinking Glee, y’all.  If you’ve managed to make it with me all the way up to this point…I salute and thank you.

Because there’s really only one single topic I want to talk about today for this episode, “Theatricality,” and it’s actually the topic that made me want to start writing these entries in the first place.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at one of the most controversial scenes of the season, and maybe even of the entire series.

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Overthinking Glee, 1x19: Whedon is my master and sometimes he ignores the safeword

Welcome, starry tumblrs, to Overthinking Glee, the Glee reviews that aren’t scheduled to start human trials for…well, ever.  If you ask me, just reading these is probably gonna be pretty bad for your health.

Today’s episode is “Dream On,” directed by some random douchebag who you may or may not have heard of.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I have a vaguely interesting relationship with Joss Whedon in the sense that I vaguely worship him as onto a God.  I will try not to let that color my review, though!

Shh just come.

Honestly though…this was a pretty great episode with some of the most memorable moments of the entire series, although I will admit that there are still points of contention here.  Which points and which contentions, you ask?  Read on to find out!

In this entry: Artie’s pain, Tina’s choice, Bryan’s old news, investigating St. Corcoran, and family dynamics in Lima, Ohio: PART 3

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